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Sunday, February 5th, 2017 04:39 pm
I'm not a Facebook person - but I was directed to Ben Mallicote's post which I have copied and pasted in it's entirety. It's delicious.


Ben Mallicote on Facebook.

You voted for Trump because Clinton was going to be in Wall Street's pocket. Trump wants to repeal Dodd-Frank and eliminate the Fiduciary Rule, letting Wall Street return to its pre-2008 ways.

You voted for Trump because of Clinton's emails. The Trump administration is running its own private email server.

You voted for Trump because you thought the Clinton Foundation was "pay for play." Trump has refused to wall off his businesses from his administration, and personally profits from payments from foreign governments.

You voted for Trump because of Clinton's role in Benghazi. Trump ordered the Yemen raid without adequate intel, and tweeted about "FAKE NEWS" while Americans died as a result of his carelessness.

You voted for Trump because Clinton didn't care about "the little guy." Trump's cabinet is full of billionaires, and he took away your health insurance so he could give them a multi-million-dollar tax break.

You voted for Trump because he was going to build a wall and Mexico was going to pay for it. American consumers will pay for the wall via import tariffs.

You voted for Trump because Clinton was going to get us into a war. Trump has provoked our enemies, alienated our allies, and given ISIS a decade's worth of recruiting material.

You voted for Trump because Clinton didn't have the stamina to do the job. Trump hung up on the Australian Prime Minister during a 5pm phone call because "it was at the end of a long day and he was tired and fatigue was setting in."

You voted for Trump because foreign leaders wouldn't "respect" Clinton. Foreign leaders, both friendly and hostile, are openly mocking Trump.

You voted for Trump because Clinton lies and "he tells it like it is." Trump and his administration lie with a regularity and brazenness that can only be described as shocking.

Let's be honest about what really happened.

The reality is that you voted for Trump because you got conned. Trump is a grifter and the American people were the mark. Now that you know the score, quit insisting the con-man is on your side.


Speak Truth to Power, Ben.

Monday, February 6th, 2017 05:31 am (UTC)
They don't care if he's on their side and none of those reasons are why they voted for him. It's called plausible deniability. They voted for him because he's racist, will let them keep their guns, and because they hope he lowers their taxes, though he most definitely will not unless they're upper middle class or rich; if you're a fundie, also so he can stack the Supreme Court to end abortion. That's it. Those are their only real reasons.

In polite society, though, they can't tell people that, not in person, not online. So they pick apart an email server and a politician seeming to serve the rich rather than "the common man" and Benghazi merely to give them cover: the plausible deniability they need to seem like serious people.

But they got the racist they wanted and even if they're not getting one damn thing he promised besides that, and even if he turns out to be everything they swore terrified them about Hillary all over again, the racism will still be more than enough to gladden their tight, mean little hearts.

He could indeed walk down 5th Ave. tomorrow morning shooting not just one random stranger but All Random Strangers and Mr. 90% Approval Rating With Rs would be so well-applauded as they beg him to go out there and do it again, no one would dare impeach him.

His worshipers don't care. Their self-interest around identity issues, taxes, guns and sometimes unborn babies is so out of proportion to reality nothing else matters.

He played to his base's basest instincts. It's a winning formula, so he will do it again and again and again until the day he either dies or leaves office.

If people don't start understanding what drives him and his voters then no one can ever fix this mess. It's not hypocrisy to them to let him use a private email server or hire no one but the rich because the things they held against Hillary were never what really drove them to the polls (that was all just cover to make them seem more sane, serious and fair than they actually are). Race issues, taxes, guns, abortion - that's what got them out there, and it's what keeps them coming back.
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