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Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 08:12 am
I keep old computer boxens around to play with. If you upgrade the hardware to the max on some older Windows XP machines they operate fairly well. You dual boot with the latest Xbuntu Linux and they can really purr.

I prefer Xbuntu to regular Ubuntu because the XFCE interface is clean and sweet and not gummed up like the Unity interface. Also, the default XFCE utilities all work, unlike some of Unity's.

So what happens to that old boxen that you've gone from Xbuntu 12.04 (2012 release) to 14.04 (2014 release) to 16.04 (2016)? These are not clean installs like you really should do... but just let the system automatically upgrade to the latest release.

The upgrades take very well. Everything seems to work quite well if not better. It depends on your hardware really. However.....

Using an Ubuntu cleaning utility I discover almost 2 gb of outdated kernels, program cruft and old installs. It located nearly 2,000 outdated and unused items from the old installs.

If I was *smart* I would have wiped the drive and done a fresh installed of 16.04.

But what fun is that?

So I let the cleaner chew through the left over, outdated material... and watched it crash the system. Repeatedly. So I manually selected a few items at a time so it wouldn't overload the CPU. While it was doing that I played on my Snowbox, pausing every once in a while to add rerun the program.

So, you know those geeks who tell you that a clean install is best? They weren't kidding.