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Friday, February 24th, 2017 08:44 pm
For Tolken it was Sauron. For the White Wolf games it was Pentax. You know... an entity or organization set about just to cause pain, suffering and hardship... because... reasons?

So it is with the Republican party. Forget their claims about 'Liberty' and 'Free Markets' - look at what their proposals will cause. Lifting restrictions on gun ownership by insane people? Bathroom police? Taking health insurance away from millions of people? Restrict the flow of critical health information from the Food and Drug Administration? Lifting the restriction that has *fiduciaries* take care of their client's interests first and not ripping them off?

It's like a bad novel where the bad guys like to hurt people because it's EVIL and BAD and they like causing suffering.

Yet... that is where we are at. We have a comic book villain as president surrounded by his toadies. They even look ugly... prime example... Ted Cruise. I wonder if he gets itchy wearing that human suit. I wonder what holds him up - by his on again off again love/hate relationship to Trump proved that he has no spine.

Bannon? There's an alien from outer space.

Unfortunately, this is not a novel or bad B monster flick ... but real life. So we (wo)man the barricades with our helmets of knitted pink yarn and march to meetings with our congress critters.

Raise hell. Resist. Not normal.