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January 21st, 2017

malada: bass guitar (Default)
Saturday, January 21st, 2017 12:36 pm
I'm not really that good at prediction, but I'm going to give it a shot.

It'll go down in this order:

China flexes it's muscles in the South China Sea

Trump sends in the fleet to confront them.

If someone gets trigger happy the Chinese fleet will not do well against the American fleet. I'm not going down that fork... it's too messy to guess at. North Korea might lob some missiles but they'll probably end up shooting themselves in the foot.

If not, tensions will still be high. The Chinese government shuts down trade with the USA.

The US consumer electronics market crashes. Worse, the US IT market crashes. Most computer/networking/Internet components are Chinese in origin.

Walmart and similar stores crash. The US economy crashes.

While Trump points the finger at China for causing problems and attempts the rally the country behind him, Russia attacks the Ukraine.

(( The Russian tank corps will roll in about 150 miles before they break down. ))

Naturally, because Trump loves Putin, he stalls. NATO either becomes paralyzed or the Europeans say, "F*ck it", and unite long enough to take the war to Putin.

So we have the possibility of Polish and German troops marching side by side, entering the Ukraine and being hailed... as liberators.

Pity about the millions who will get killed, displaced and injured.

malada: bass guitar (Default)
Saturday, January 21st, 2017 06:02 pm
-streaming movies-

Even though I followed the instructions multiple times, I could not get my Amazon account to log into my Xbox.

Read the instructions, followed the instructions, blah blah, rented a movie on the website, still would not log me in.

The error? A problem logging in! We'll send you an email with a code.

Did that. Still can't log on.

So watched 'Tank Girl' on my PC. It was worse than I expected. How the frell wrote that mess?

I finally chatted with a tech at Amazon who had me clear, redownload, turn the xbox off and on, log back in - fail - and finally try one more time entering in the secret code they email me.

I'm not sure what the clog in the system was but it seems to be working now. Or they did some magic in the back ground.

Iron Man marathon postponed for now... but still on the calendar.

Oh, and apparently you can't order from the XBox... you have to order on the website then go watch it. Bad back end design if they wanted to make this the Media Box for the home.