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malada: bass guitar (Default)
Friday, April 21st, 2017 05:35 pm
The New York Times - and Glenn Thrush in particular - referred to Ted Nugent as:

" — a guitar demigod, knife-between-the-teeth hunter and conservative provocateur — "

which shows how little they know about rock music.

I've seen Ted Nugent live twice in my life... and BOTH times he was outclassed and out played by the 'warm up' bands.

The first time it was the fat man... and I swear he was the biggest man to ever pick up a guitar... by the name of Leslie West. He had a little group in the 1970s called Mountain. "Mississippi Queen" was the claim to fame. He was there with a drummer and bass guitarist... that's it. He played four songs... and was on stage for 40 minutes... 40 mind bending minutes of awesome guitar work. Ted Nugent and has army of other guitarists was a let down.

The second time the opening act was some new group which had just put out their first album. Their name was "Van Halen". Yeah... THAT Van Halen.

Ted Nugent is no guitar demigod but a washed up has been who I personally saw spiked by a fat old man and a young punk kid.
malada: bass guitar (Default)
Sunday, January 8th, 2017 01:18 pm
-networking, cabling, movies unavailable and a bass guitarist-

I like Cat 5 cable. It's more secure and reliable than WIFI - so I have our computers wired up to our Internet router, then into a switch for my 2 - sometimes 3 - systems. Also from the Internet router I have a 75 foot drop of scrounged cat 5 that goes to the basement (where I have the Laboratory) and into another switch. From there there's a drop up into the living room.

I have more cable so I ran another length to from the basement router to the Snow Box... and fought with connectors for a few hours. It didn't work. I suck. Bought replacement connectors and tried them. It still doesn't work. I suck. Checked the cable for continuity - it's fine.

I've always had a slight tremor in my hands making really fine work difficult - like wiring up cable connectors. It's gotten worse as I've gotten older. So I just suck at this stuff.

So I take the connection I *do* have to the living room and wire it up to a cheap switch.

So I have 4 ports from the Internet router - three in use. One goes to my housemate's computer, one to my switch, another to the basement switch. The basement switch is has eight ports - one is connected to the switch in the living room (8 ports) which two ports are used. Yes, it's silly but it works.

So how about a nice movie to watch on my old but big TV in the living room. Download the Amazon app! No, I don't want to pay monthly to join Amazon Prime. Look for Tank Girl.... not available? Well, shoot. Download the YouTube app. Search for Tank Girl - it wants me to go to another site... which I can't click on in my Snow Box. Or it's been pulled because of DMCA violation. Okay. Check with the computer... go to the site... log in? Create an account? What kind of skeevy site is this? Go back and try another version. Same thing except it sends me to a different skeevy site that wants me to create an account.

Hello, guys! I've got this credit card... I just want to stream this movie. I'll pay a few bucks because I'm a Good Girl. I don't want to join some skeevy site to watch an older movie.

Back to my computer... ah.... I need to sign on to my Amazon account to stream/download movies! Okay. But I had to dig through the website to find out. The apps aren't really intuitive or informative.

And cruising the web on the Snow Box? Eeeeewwwww.... Internet Explorer!

However, checking out YouTube I did find a clip of Jack Bruce talking about and playing 'NSU'. Heard of him? No? Great bass player. He was in this group called Cream - or The Cream. You might of heard of the guitarist, some slow hand named Eric Clapton. Now I know that 'NSU' stands for non-specific urethritis - which is a urinary tract infection that is not Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It's a sexually transmitted disease. Jack related that it was first song he wrote for Cream. It was called that because Clapton had it at the time. X-D.

It's a great song and the words have nothing to do with STDs.

Waiting for parts to arrive - the DVD drive sort of opens when it wants to and I can hear it trying to open. If I pry it while it's making noise it opens and closes - at least for a little while.