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January 11th, 2017

malada: bass guitar (Default)
Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 04:31 pm
- how much was the part? -

My part(s) came in from Amazon! Specifically, a little rubber band that drives the gears that open and close the DVD tray. I look at the old part verses new part - the new part looks thinner and definitely smaller than the original.

Oh, and I had to order 10 of them. Total cost plus shipping - about 10 bucks. A dollar a piece.

Install it, spend half an hour fussing with the alignment and... tray goes in, tray comes out.

Yes, a gaming console worth maybe 120 dollars on the used market was smashed up and discarded because of the failure of a dollar part.

A part that was buried deep into the machine and difficult to get at.

It's worth a lot less because the plastic case got all smashed with the original owner trying to get out his game disk. I'm betting that the machine saw a lot of abuse over the years as the rubber part slowly stretched out of shape and the DVD drive got beaten to death.

The electronics are operational. After a good cleaning and wiping of the hard drive it seems to operate just fine. This is not unusual for electronics anymore - from the manufacturing date this beast is about 8 years old. I've got computers that still work that are older - but outdated. Yes it's nice to have new things with better technology and yadda yadda - but building things with the part most likely to fail inaccessible to most people is... in my humble opinion... just bad design. It's designed to be hard to fix so you *have* to replace.

At this point I could invest in replacement plastic case and make it look pretty again, of just enjoy the ugly metal inside case.

But there's whole side of the XBox I'm discovering... mostly through Google and Xbox forums... that shows another side to this device both good, bad and really ugly.